Minifresh 3300

( Multicolour )

State-of-art, high-quality vending machines
made in India in collaboration with M/s Veromatic
International BV, The Netherlands.

Innovation and functionality redefined, Godrej Minifresh-3300 Tea and Coffee Vending Machine by Sushma Enterprises is a compact 3 canister (1.7 L, each) machine which offers 6 beverage options - Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Late, Mocha chino, Hot chocolate and Choco milk. Having 3 mixers, this vending machine is best suited for small offices.

1 Year
Minifresh 3300

Technical Specifications

# Technical Specifications Minifresh 3300
1. Dimensions
(height x width x depth)
2. Weight 17.5kg
3. Boiler Capacity 1.75L
4. Containers Capacity 1.7L
5. No. of Product Containers 3
6. No. of Mixers 3
7. Heater Rating 2.6 KW
8. Counter Temporary & permanant counter in software
9. Power Supply 230V / 50Hz / 15A
10. Operating Voltage Range 100V to 300V
11. Power Consumption 2.8KW
12. Initial Startup Time 7 Min
13. Cup Volume 90 ml-120ml
14. Dispensing Rate 5 cups/min
15. Water Connection On-line/Pump
16. Beverage Variant 6 options settable
17. Hot / Cold Water None
18. Indicator Alpha Numeric LCD Display Double line display, yellow green
19. Interface Keypad, Direct Select
20. Product & Temperature Setting On-board with password protection
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