Jura E8 Inta Black

Jura E8 Inta Black

Introducing our Modern Espresso one-touch coffee Machine, Sourced from a premier Tea and Coffee Machine Supplier, with a G3 grinder. It has Program buttons for a personalized touch, and the One Touch Milk system simplifies cleaning with a pulse extraction system. Sushma Enterprises provides all your vending needs, we are your go-to Vending Machine Supplier and Dealer.



Water capacity

2.1 ltr

Cups per day


Technical Specifications
  • Brewing Capacity:
    Jura coffee machines typically offer a brewing capacity of 10 cups, catering to both single servings and larger gatherings.
  • Adjustable Grind Settings:
    With customizable grind settings, users can achieve their preferred coffee flavour, ensuring a personalised brewing experience.
  • Maintenance Alerts:
    Jura coffee machines commonly include maintenance reminder and water filter replacement alerts, ensuring optimal performance and prolonging the machine's lifespan.
  • Programmable Options:
    Users can program brewing preferences such as water temperature, coffee strength, and cup size, ensuring consistent results with every use.
  • Milk Frothing System:
    Jura coffee models come equipped with a milk frother, enabling the preparation of specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos with ease.
  • Intuitive Display Panel:
    Jura coffee machines boast user-friendly control panels, often with LCD displays, making it convenient to navigate and customize settings.